Map of North America, early works to 1800

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Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are shown on a basic map of the middle British colonies in North America. Of the Confederate Indians of Aquanishuonigy, which includes Aquanishuonigy proper, their homes, Ohio and Thuchsochruntie, where they go to hunt deer, Couchsachrage and Skaniadarade, where they go to hunt beavers, and the lakes Erie, Ontario, and Champlain. Wherein are also displayed the historic and current locations of the Indian nations.


  • Scale is around 1:2,250,000.
  • Coloured by hand.
  • Relief depicted graphically.
    – Displays the “West longitude from London” and the “from Philadelphia.”
  • LC North American Maps, 1750–1789, 716
    Text, historical tidbits, a distance map, and an inset of “A sketch of the remaining part of Ohio R. &c.” are all included.
  • obtainable as a raster picture on the Library of Congress website as well.
    Vault: AACR2 100, 651/1, 651/2, and 700

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